The last quarter of the 2019-2020 program year was challenging because of the unprecedented impact of the pandemic crisis. Little did we know that we were calling for the mother of all disruption when we themed our cancelled spring conference as “The future is now” With just one month away in March, the unexpected happened BANG!!! a 19-year old rascal called COVID-19 came to town and oh boy! this rascal turned our Toastmasters world on its head. What we would never have imagined at the beginning of 2020 happened! Clubs continued their meetings online because of the lockdown restrictions. The excitement to travel to Paris for the international convention got punctured.

Despite these challenges, we had our silver lining success stories to share as captured in this report and the following video. Kudos to the 2019-2020 District team under the leadership of Immediate Past District Director, Lana Sweeney for helping us navigate the storm when it first hit.

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