It is that time of the season when we elect new leaders to run the affairs of the district for the 2022-2023 program year from July 1, 2022. It is my pleasure to present the approved list of nominees for elected positions as provided by our District Leadership Committee chair, Past International Director (PID), Past District Governor (PDG) Danie Hardie, DTM.

Danie has been working with a committee of past district leaders in the last three months to identify potential leaders for elections and appointments through a thorough nominating process.

Nominees for 2022-2023 Elected Positions

  • District Director – Richard A. Mattis, DTM
  • Program Quality Director – Dan McCosh, DTM
  • Club Growth Director – Incomplete

Nomination of candidates for the Club Growth Director position is reported as incomplete as per Toastmasters International’s nomination results requirement outlined in protocol 9.0:District Campaigns and Elections. The DLC received application from only one qualified candidate, Rebecca Cuthbertson Hulst, DTM. However, Toastmasters International’s guideline for District elections stipulates that at least two candidates must be presented for this elected position. As per the requirement, the advised nominated candidate is considered a floor candidate and is invited along with other qualified candidates to run from the floor as long as they have been vetted by the DLC prior to the annual business meeting. Each candidate must submit their intent to run from the floor to the District Director no later than seven (7) days prior to the election on April 23, 2022.

Division Directors

  • Division B – Michelle St Louis, IP2
  • Division C – Giancarlo A. Palazzo, EC1
  • Division F – Lynell M. Bird, DTM

Interested candidates in elected or appointed positions are invited to submit their interest to the DLC. Let us continue to work towards the viability and sustainability of our district so please strongly consider sending your name to

Leadership nominations information, timelines, and materials are available at District 2022-2023 leadership nominations


Dotun Eliezer, DTM

District 99 Director, 2021-2022

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