The New Pathways Experience

You may have heard about something called Pathways, but it was a fair ways off in the distance. Well, the distance has become much shorter. Toastmasters International has decided to quicken the pace of roll out of the new Pathways program to all clubs in the world. As a result of that decision, District 99 clubs will see the program become available in April of 2018.

This is exciting news! Our current program has been around for over 90 years. While it has seen tweaks here and there, it has not seen the changes that the Pathways program will bring. Pathways will incorporate 10 distinct learning paths with over 300 competencies available to members. This is a significant change from our current program which has less than 100 competencies available.

The Pathways Program - Ten Paths

The new program is accessed through a web portal called Basecamp. Members will log on the first time and be prompted to select a path. A brief questionnaire will help members to pick which of the 10 paths will fit best with their learning needs. The member may take the suggestion or choose any of the other paths. It is up to the member. When the program goes live, all existing members will be given 1 free path to follow (members of 2 or more clubs may choose 2 paths from the 10 available).

In the coming weeks, ambassadors will visit clubs to spread the news. After that, guides will be visiting clubs to provide actual instruction on how to use Pathways. Our Chief Ambassador is Marg Faryna DTM (). She is making sure that all the clubs are visited. The time will pass very fast. It won’t be long before the new program launches.

Right now, clubs and members can prepare by making sure that everyone knows how to log on to Toastmasters International. All members have a sign-on using either their primary email address that they provided to the club. Or, they can use their member number. If they don’t know their password, follow the “Forgot Password?” link to get it reset. If your primary email address is not correct, it will cause an issue. Club officers can access the membership roster on Club Central and verify that all email addresses are current for members. Email addresses can be corrected by club officers via Club Central.

Have a logon party at your club and make sure everyone can access their profile at That will ensure that all members are able to access the new BaseCamp portal when it becomes available.