Assign Your Proxy! Make Sure Your Club's Voice Is Heard!

A Club proxy insures your voice is heard at the Annual Business Meeting held during the 2020 Virtual Convention.

Club presidents and secretaries received emails notifying them to assign the club votes. Furthermore, votes must be assigned even if you are assigning the votes to yourself. Finally, to qualify for a nomination as President of the Year, votes must be assigned.

It should be noted that D99’s Executive Team members are interviewing International Director candidates to enable them to make informed choices. Learn more about the candidates and the proposed amendments.

Proposal A recommends changes to the bylaws that would increase the maximum percentage (from 15% to 20%) of Toastmasters Member Clubs that could compose one (1) region. If approved, the size of the Board would remain the same. However, instead of one (1) International Director serving each of 14 regions, two (2) International Directors would serve each of seven (7) regions.

Furthermore, in Proposal B, the Board proposes the Bylaws of Toastmaster International, Article III, Section 13.d, is amended to require that information from the charged member be submitted 96 hours before the hearing. The current requirement is 48 hours.

Additionally, reading this will help you prepare to cast your vote.

Importantly, you may designate a:

  • Delegate from the club to cast your club votes.
  • 2020-2021 District Director to act as your club proxy.
  • Another active member to act as your club proxy.

Follow these steps for proxyholders:

  • To assign the club votes, go to Club Central, log in, choose the club(s) you are assigning proxies for, and click on Club Proxy.
  • If the club provides voting directions, proxyholders will vote in the manner a club instructs.

If you have any questions about the voting process, please email .