Every year, your District Director, Program Quality Director and Club Growth Director attend the International Convention. Partly to receive training from Toastmasters International, but also to represent our district at the annual business meeting. At that meeting, elections and other important items of business are decided. The decisions are a result of a vote with each club having a say in the process. However, to exercise that vote, you either need to be there in person or you need to assign your voting rights to a Club Delegate, District Director or Active Toastmasters who will represent your club along with all the other clubs that assign their proxy.

Your club gets a say on all of the positions. Not just the ones affecting Region IV. Your district team will be interviewing the candidates in Washington D.C. prior to the business meeting and making decisions on who to support. Your participation is welcomed either in person or via your proxy. But, if you do nothing then your clubs voice will not be heard. It is one of your responsibilities as the president of a Toastmasters club to ensure you are represented at meetings like this. We ask that you please take a moment and make your election to ensure your clubs participation in the annual business meeting of Toastmasters International

Step 1 - Choose how you want to be represented.

Step 1 – Choose how you want to be represented.

The process is pretty simple. Your president or secretary must log on to Club Central and they will see the link to “Assign/Delegate International Election Club Proxy”. The page will ask you to pick your option. If you pick a club delegate, a list of club members is presented. If you pick an Active Toastmaster then you need to know their member number. The third option is to select your District Director to represent you. We would ask that you pick the best option for your club.

There are a couple of propositions that need to be reviewed and your club preference selected. The link is there to explain them and the recommendation from the board. If you have any additional instructions to the person holding your proxy enter them.

Scroll down and enter your name in the box provided to sign the proxy and click on submit.