Club Officer Training - Leadership & Online Speech Contest

Club Leadership & Online Contest Training “Finishing Strong”

  • Saturday January 16, 2021 – Club Leadership & Online Contest Training themed “Finishing Strong”
  • Keynote: “Becoming an A.C.E in Virtual Speaking” delivered by Lindy MacLaine – 3rd place winner – 2020 World Championship of Public Speaking

Do you wish you knew how to be a more effective virtual speaker? Join us for this training session as the day will start with a keynote presentation delivered by Distinguished Toastmaster Lindy MacLaine, second-runner-up in the 2020 first ever virtual Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. You will learn the secrets for tapping into your inner power as a virtual speaker or presenter, tips for mastering an effective virtual presence including camera techniques, and how to mine powerful presentation materials that are of contest quality.

Guest Speaker: Lindy MacLaine