Congratulations to Speaking Done Here, on its 20th anniversary of changing lives, which the following testimonals speak to:

“I had great experiences attending toastmaster at “speaking done here” location. It was fun and remarkable besides visiting great awesome people. Thanks for reminding me those good memories.”


“During my involvement with the club I saw much dedication and commitment by the members who basically were all new to the program. With the members’ dedication and the help and encouragement from two Club Coaches, SDH grew and thrived.  Many of the new members excelled in the contest scene. Please pass on my congratulations to the club members and executive.  I feel the Toastmasters program is top notch and SDH is successfully filling an important need within the University.  Congratulations.”


“It’s hard to believe, the club is celebrating 20 years!  With the success of taking Toastmasters courses, it continued to help me improve my facilitation skills and confidence with leading sessions.  I met great people in the club, and still run into them from time to time, and it’s always a pleasure to see that people have also moved into new leadership roles across campus. Thank you for existing, and with the help of Toastmasters, I was able to move into my newest role on campus, working in the College of Law.

Congratulations, and have a piece of cake for me too!”


“I would say that participating in ‘ speaking done here” helped me on my journey to hone my leadership and presentation skills. It also pushed me beyond my comfort zone (which is where every successful person is) and ultimately I released the limiting belief of “not good enough”. My one word for members and future members is to step out and stand out for their authentic self. Practice, practice, practice, this is what “speaking done here” and all Toastmasters clubs provide.”

Best of Luck


“I really appreciate the efforts taken by everyone to run the Club “Speaking Done Here” at UoS. Everyone in the club would always motivate you to do better next time. I learned a lot from each member.”