Congratulations to our new leadership team for 2021-22!

At the spring council meeting the following leaders were elected:

  • District Director – Dotun Eliezer, DTM
  • Program Quality Director – Richard Mattis, DTM
  • Club Growth Director – Dan McCosh, DTM
  • Division D Director – Rebecca Cuthbertson Hulst, DTM

Following the spring council meeting, newly appointed officers include:

  • Chief Digital Officer – Glenn Walker,  DTM, PDD
  • Public Relations Manager – Raffy Gimeno, IP2
  • Administration Manager – Carmen Deehan, PI4
  • Finance Manager – Dresdin Archibald, EC2
  • Logistics Manager –  Faida Mageza, IP2
  • Division A Director – Penny Gould, LD2
  • Division B Director – Michael Bertin, DTM
  • Area B06 Director – Harjeet Panesar, IP5
  • Area B09 Director – Michelle St Louis, IP1
  • Area B31 Director – Estella Mah, DTM
  • Area B51 Director – Rhys Davies
  • Division C – Peter Helten,  IP4
  • Area C10 Director – Shalini Kashyap, LD2
  • Area C13 Director – Giancarlo Palazzo,  MS5
  • Area D15 Director – Travis Unger, PM1
  • Area D30 Director – Ross McLean, DTM
  • Division E Director – Penny Nilsen, DTM
  • Area E02 Director – Matthew Hillier, TC1
  • Area E04 Director – Ken Guedo, PI1
  • Area E21 Director – Lynn Howlett, IP2
  • Division F Director – Lynell Bird, DTM
  • Assistant Division F Director & Area F58 Director – Chinwe Okelu, DTM
  • Area F03 Director – Benjamin Akomolafe, CC ALB
  • Area F05 Director – Gultaj Kara, PM4
  • Area F12 Director – Kristen Harris, IP3
  • Area F17 Director – Isa Dzhabrailov, DL1

Committee Chairs & Coordinators

  • District Leadership Committee Chair – Rena Weikle, DTM
  • District Alignment Committee Chair – Richard Mattis, DTM
  • Club Officers Training Coordinator – Cheryl Persson, DTM
  • District Statistician – Ken Tanner, DTM

These new officer positions will officially take effect on July 1st, 2021. 

There are still a lot of district positions to fill. All positions earn some form of credit either towards the DTM, High-Performance Leadership Project (HPL) or elective projects in Pathways.

Area Directors (14 positions to fill before June 19)

  • Division A – Areas A26, A44, and A57
  • Division C – Areas C01, C07, and C25
  • Division D – Areas D55, and D61
  • Division E – Areas E19, E37, E40, and E47
  • Division F – Areas F14, and F22

Area Directors candidates should review these materials and complete the forms

District Transformation & Recovery Project (Contact Dotun Eliezer)

  • Transformation & Communications Manager
  • Digital Learning & Development Coordinator
  • Advisor, Hybrid District Model

District Digital Team (Contact Glenn Walker)

  • WebMaster
  • Zoom Masters
  • Digital Content Creators (Blog, Videos, Social Media Posts)
  • Technology Support Team (Office 365 platform, Email Marketing through Eventbrite and Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, and Meetup)

District Committee Chairs and Coordinators 

  • Audit Committee Chair
  • District Parliamentarian
  • Program Quality Portfolio (Contact Richard Mattis)
    • Coordinator, Pathways Learning
    • District Conference Chair
    • District Contest Chair
  • Club Growth Portfolio (Contact Dan McCosh)
    • Club Extension Research Chair
    • Club Retention Chair
      • Club Coach Coordinator
      • New Clubs Mentor Coordinator
    • Membership Building Chair
      • Digital Marketing Coordinator
      • Speechcraft Coordinator
      • Open House Coordinator

Please check out the nominations page for additional information.