Struggling to put on quality meetings with low membership?

Here are some tips to improve meeting quality and de-stress your members

  1. Eliminate roles
    • Only Toastmaster, Speaker, Evaluator, Timer required.
    • Add roles according to the number of members attending.
  2. Use round-robins
    • Let everyone comment on the whole meeting (General Evaluation). It provides better feedback and build consensus
    • Have each person answer a Table Topic and then come up with a question to ask someone else.
  3. Find Toastmasters from other clubs to attend as “Friends” of your club while you build your membership
  4. Invite  Toastmasters from other clubs or your Area Director to present or evaluate
    • Let other clubs know you are willing to let their members speak. In some clubs it is hard to get a speaking spot or members want to polish their speech by presenting elsewhere.
  5. Hold joint meetings with other clubs once in awhile
    • See how they operate.
    • Get to know them and work together to achieve excellence in both clubs.