Deadline for Submission of Club Dues

The deadline for submission of club dues is approaching fast. Twice a year, on September 30th and March 31st, clubs submit payments to Toastmasters International so that we can all receive the benefits we enjoy as members. Many clubs have already done so, but many have not. We would recommend clubs to submit dues payments well in advance of September 30th to avoid last minute issues.

Dues are paid online by logging into Club Central<> at the website. We would urge clubs to pay dues for all members that you have collected renewals before September 30th so that:

* Members competing in speech contests don’t get disqualified for not being a member in good standing in a club in good standing.
* Members ability to pursue leadership opportunities that require them to be in good standing with Toastmasters International are not affected.
* Members continue to receive benefits such as the Toastmasters Magazine without any interruption.
* Your club receives recognition for submitting dues on time in the Distinguished Club Program.

These are all great reasons. The bottom line is that not getting the dues paid on time can impact members ability to participate and enjoy the benefits of the program.

Policy 2.0: Club and Membership Eligibility (see below) spells out the requirements that to be a club in good standing, you must renew a minimum of 8 members by the renewal date. Non-payment of a member’s dues that you have collected in a timely fashion can render that member ineligible to compete in contests. This is often an embarrassing situation that can easily be avoided.

You can check your dues renewal status by looking at the report Toastmasters International publishes daily at Statuses will be one of the following:

* Verified Complete with a date means your clubs dues are paid.
* Low – Minimum Requirement Not Met means you have paid less than 12 members.
* Ineligible – Minimum Requirement Not Met means you have paid less than 8 members and your club would not be in good standing after September 30th..
* Renewals Not Here means Toastmasters International has not received any dues payment yet and your club would not be in good standing after September 30th.

Check the FAQ at Toastmasters International for clarifications about paying club dues at

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Area Director, Division Director or myself. We will all be happy to help you.

Remember: Members First!

Glenn Walker DTM
Program Quality Director
District 99
Toastmasters International

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