Notice: Annual Business Meeting

This is a notice to all District Council Members that the 2022 Spring Virtual Council Meeting will hold on Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 at 8.30 AM MDT via an online Zoom meeting. The platform will open at 8.00 AM MDT.

Register to attend the business meeting. There is the District Council Member pass option which gives you access to the meeting and the leadership summit session. The all-access pass provides additional access to the speech contests and the plethora of educational sessions which will be available for 3 months after the conference.

Review this quick start guide for registering and logging on to attend the business meeting.

Who should attend?

The District Council members include the District Executive Committee (DEC) members, Club Presidents, and Vice Presidents of Education.

DEC members include the District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, District Public Relations Manager, District Administration Manager, District Finance Manager, Division Directors, Area Directors, and Immediate Past District Director.

These members are required to attend the annual business meeting. A quorum is required for decisions at the meeting.

Apart from these leadership roles, other individuals invited by the District Director and have specific business before the Council may attend Council meeting.

All relevant documents, including the minutes and presented reports, are being published to the supporting documents section of this page.

Why should you attend?

When you attend as a district council member, you are fulfilling your fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the governing requirements of the board of directors of Toastmasters International are adhered to.

One important decision at the annual business meeting is the election of new officers that will continue to lead, grow and transform the district. As you participate in the ballot, you are making your voice to be heard.

Another reason is that your attendance counts towards the district level “of the year” award selection criteria for Club Presidents, Area Directors and Division Directors.

Candidates for 2022-23

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