District Council Spring 2021

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2020-09-26 District Council – Minutes


2021-04-24 District Council – Agenda


Minutes of the 2021-04-24 Meeting

Election Runner Vote Results

Executive Reports:

District Director Report

Program Quality Report

Finance Manager Report

Committee Reports:

  • Audit Committee Report
  • District Leadership Committee Report
    The District Leadership Committee has vetted candidates and nominates the following for your consideration for the upcoming Toastmasters Term:

    • District Director – Dotun Eliezer (Bio)
    • Program Quality Director – Richard Mattis
    • Club Growth Director – vacant

    Division Directors:

    • Division A – Vacant
    • Division B – Vacant
    • Division C – Vacant
    • Division D – Vacant
    • Division E – Vacant
    • Division F – Vacant

    Protocol 9.0 requires two Club Growth Director candidates to be nominated. If only one candidate is nominated, the requirements of Protocol 9.0 have not been met, and the position will be considered incomplete on the DLC report. The single nominated candidate will NOT be listed on the report. The candidate should be informed the position requires two nominated candidates for the DLC to meet the nomination requirements and of the candidates’ eligibility to run from the floor. The candidate must submit their intention to run as a floor candidate to the DLC Chair or District Director at least seven (7) days before the election if they wish to continue.

    Respectfully Submitted

    District Leadership Committee Chair
    Lana Sweeney DTM IPDD

  • Alignment Committee Proposal
    Per suggestions from International, there will be minor shuffles only. Once more is known, there may be a need to move clubs around to consolidate areas that become less viable.

    Club Number Club Standing Club Name
    A 44 A 27 939 Active Dunvegan Toastmasters
    A 44 A 27 6772 Active Peace Challengers Toastmasters Club
    D 30 D 29 3459972 Active The Way We Speak Toastmasters Club
    D 30 D 29 1596 Active Capital Communicators Toastmasters Club
    D 30 D 29 3253815 Ineligible Generating Power Speakers Club
    F 22 B 62 6059865 Ineligible Towering Talkers Toastmasters Club
    F 22 B 62 7346209 Active CN Tower Toastmasters Club

Division Reports (for information only):