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Communication & Leadership Award

The Communication and Leadership Award was established to honour a leading citizen in the District for his or her communication and leadership skills. The Communication and Leadership Award recognizes that citizen who specifically demonstrates these skills in the field of their expertise and in the community.

Past Communication and Leadership (C&L) Award Recipients

1972 Hon. J.W. Grant MacEwan
1973 Rt. Hon. John G. Diefenbaker
1974 Ron Chapman
1975 Hon. Sidney L. Buckwold
1976 Rabbi Lewis N. Ginsburg
1977 No Award
1978 Hon. Peter Lougheed
1979 George Reed
1980 Ambr. Chester A. Ronning
1981 Judge Raynell Andreychuk
1982 Hugh Campbell
1983 Hon. Grant Devine
1984 Ambassador Ken Taylor
1985 E.K. (Ted) Turner
1986 Mel Hurtig
1987 Father Lucien Larre
1988 Ron Southern/Dr. G.R.A. Rice
1989 Ken Kramer
1990 Diane Jones-Konihowski
1991 Tony Dagnone
1992 Ed and Nomi Whalen
1993 Hon. Sylvia Fedoruk
1994 Walter H. Kaasa
1995 Charles E. (Chuck) Childers
1996 Hon. Ralph Klein
1997 Dale Eisler
1998 Hon. Anne McClelland
1999 Colette Borgonje
Peter Kossowan
2000 Chief Christine Silverberg
2001 Joan McCusker
2002 Hon. Lois Hole
2003 Rev. Dale Lang
2004 Jim Gray
2005 Marlin Styner
2006 Kennetch Charlette
2007 Pat Fiacco
2008 Dr. Zaheer Lakhani
2009 Dr. Lynda Haverstock
2010 Linda Hughes
Fall 2010 Andrew Brash
2011 Jim Hopson
2012 Brigitte Baradoy
2013 Ron Waldman

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