Club Coaches Role In Rebuilding a Low Membership Club

The club coach is a Toastmaster who is not a member of the club and not (yet) familiar with the club or its members. This perspective allows the coach to objectively view the club. The coach is a counselor, a source of knowledge and a fountain of ideas. To be successful as a coach you will need all of your speaking, thinking and listening skills – as well as hard work, determination and patience. The following is a summary of what a coach would do:

  • Build a rapport with the club’s leaders and members.
  • Assess the environment … observe, analyze, and recommend solutions.
  • Develop a plan with goals for improvement.
  • Implement the plan and ensure that the changes are performed by the officers and members as much as possible.
  • Instill enthusiasm, loyalty, and a sense of responsibility for the club’s future.

Club Coach Program

A club coach is appointed by the district director or club growth director to assist a club that is experiencing difficulties building and maintaining membership. The coach’s goal is to help the club become a Distinguished Club. Up to two coaches may be appointed to each club. The appointment lasts to June 30 of the current club year if the club becomes a Distinguished Club or better by that date, or to June 30 of the following year if Distinguished Club recognition or better is not reached in the current club year.

The Opportunity

As a coach, you have the opportunity to work with a club to help it rebuild its numbers and become self-sustaining. The job is very rewarding and it also gets you a credit towards completion of your Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) designation. This is one of the stepping stones to achieving the coveted Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award.

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