Inviting You to Join My Team

-By Rebecca Cuthbertson Hulst DTM, District 99 Club Growth Director

Have you ever seen a video of someone caring for a group of baby panda cubs?  Do you secretly wish you had that job or volunteer position?  In my opinion, the only thing cuter than baby pandas, is five more baby pandas!

Baby panda cubs need time and attention, but if you do your job well, they won’t need you for long!  Hopefully, even after the baby pandas become independent and experienced bears, you will always be welcomed back to visit, and you can enjoy the happiness you once experienced with the club of cubs – or club of not-so-cubby cubs – again and again.

My friends, in truth, I cannot offer you the volunteer position of caring for, and nurturing a group of baby panda cubs to independence, but I can offer you the next best thing…  I can help match you with the perfect team of eager Toastmasters, people who are working hard and enjoying their club experiences, but who might nevertheless benefit from a bit of nurturing and guidance.  Please contact me to join my team of cub coaches – I mean club coaches – for the 2022-2023 year.

I’m Rebecca Cuthbertson Hulst, DTM, District 99’s Club Growth Director and unapologetic lover of baby pandas.  If you think you might like baby pandas too, you’re definitely someone I want to know better!  Come join my team – it’s great so far, but I know you’ll make it even better.  Please don’t wait – email me at today!