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District 99 Leadership (Nominations) Committee Final Report

Effective April 7, 2017

This document gives the status of nominations received to date for elected positions.



Position Nominations
District Director Don Zurakowski
Program Quality Director Glenn Walker
Club Growth Director Dave Cartledge
Chris Pederson


Division Directors
Division A Director Dan McCosh
Division B Director Kierra Koetke
Division C Director Ken Buchanen
Division D Director Omar Nef
Lana Sweeney
Division E Director Jason Karras
Division F Director  Sujata Tadeparti


Respectfully submitted,

Marg Faryna, DTM

Chair, D99 Leadership (Nominations) Committee

Take Your Leadership Skills to the Next Level

District 99 Leadership Nominations for 2017 – 2018 are being accepted.  Check out the District 99 Leadership Committee Handbook for information on all positions available.  In the Handbook you will find a list of competencies for fulfilling the roles.  Elected roles are District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director and Division Director.  There are 6 Division Director positions in District 99.

D99 Leadership Committee Handbook

Have you considered moving beyond your club to take on the role of Area Director?  The role of Area Director is a District Officer role and successfully completing a full term (one year) is one of the criteria for the Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) designation.

Are you eager to step up?  For more information, view the D99 Leadership Committee Handbook or email the Chair of the Committee at

What is involved in the role of Area Director?

The Area Director is the direct liaison between the district and the clubs and is responsible for leading the area by serving the needs of the clubs.

  • They must first know the needs of the club by conducting club visits (at least twice a year) and organizing Area Council meetings (at least twice a year).
  • The Area Director motivates and assists the clubs to become Distinguished and is responsible for holding Area Speech Contests.
  • The Area Director receives support from their Division Director through mentoring and attending Division Council meetings (at least twice a year) as well as District sponsored trainingevents in May, Sep & Feb and monthly All Leader Calls.

Area Directors report progress of their area clubs to the District leaders through reports presented at Division Council Meetings and Area Director Visit reports submitted through Toastmasters International.


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