university_tmVery recently, the (University Toastmasters) Club was fortunate to have received a “Go-Getter Award”. Wondering what the “Go-Getter Award” is about? Not to worry because we wondered the same thing! However, Area F17 Director, Jae-Hyun Sung was kind enough to break down the criteria for us.

The Go Getter Award is bestowed on a club that achieves five or more DCP goals by January 31. We were able to achieve this only four months into the Toastmasters year! The following five DCP goals were achieved:

  1. Achieved Two Competent Communicator Awards (Dawn Geres and Shankar Jha)
  2. Achieved Two Additional Competent Communicator Awards (Gabriela Constantinescu and Liang Chen) 
 3. One Leadership Award (Gabriela Constantinescu)
  3. Four New Members
  4. Four More (and counting) New Members

As an EXTREMELY laid-back and easygoing club, this achievement popped up as a surprise; upon further introspection, however, with the exceptionally motivated, driven, and gifted individuals the Club houses, it became transparently clear how we were able to snag this achievement – we owe our thanks to not just the aforementioned individuals who contributed to achieving each goal, but the members and guests who cultivate an atmosphere of openness within the University Toastmasters Club. We also owe a big thank you to our VP Education, Meredith Stadnyk, for all her hard work to keep our members on the road to setting and achieving their goals.

Under the presidential guidance of Shankar Jha last year and Sonia Rawat this year, the Club engaged (and continues to engage) wholeheartedly in collaborating and providing workshops to organizations in Edmonton. A few collaborations include co-hosting an evening with the University of Alberta Debate Society and judging for the Engineering COOP Series. Workshops, on the other hand, were provided to high school students in the Rotaract Club, Old Scona High School, and Science Expo 2016 Ambassador Summit, international post-secondary students in Bridges Student Speakers Program, university staff members in Lunch and Learn Workshops, and PhD students in the School of Public Health. As efficiency seekers, two objectives were met simultaneously: encourage prospective public communicators to delve into the world of effective communication while granting club members a chance to exercise and share skills they’ve garnered through participation in the Toastmasters program.

University Toastmasters Slogan: Come to the University Toastmasters Club and win. ‘Cuz all we do is winwinwin no matter what (Partial credit to DJ Khaled for the lyrics).