Meetup homeMeetup is a service that many groups use to advertise their gatherings. The service is accessible at Many Toastmasters clubs have used Meetup to successfully attract new members. The service is not free. Many clubs opted to purchase it, but many could not afford it. That was when District 99 looked at what other districts had done and purchased the service on behalf of clubs.

The district has taken the coordination and financial burden on behalf of the clubs. Your club can leverage the service provided by the district, free of charge. Check out the information page for more information.

That is right! Meetup is a free for Toastmaster clubs in District 99 to use. The district has signed up for 5 groups that correspond to various regions of the district. The list of groups is as follows:

District 99 Toastmasters | Meetup Pro – Meetup

The process to get your club on Meetup is pretty simple.

  1. Sign up with Your account is free and gives you the ability to join the various meetups. How do I sign up for a Meetup account? – Meetup
  2. Join the meetup that corresponds with where you meet. Joining a Meetup group – Meetup
  3. Contact the district at or and ask to be made an Event Organizer.
  4. The people at the district that manage the meetups will assign the “Event Organizer” role to you.
  5. Once you are notified, you can create an event to publicize your club meeting. The instructions for creating a meeting can be found at Creating an event – Meetup. Meetup events can be set to recur. But, be sure to update the listing for your next event with information about what is coming up. Also, be sure to cancel any event listings for meetings that are not being held (i.e. over Christmas break).

Some suggestions for your event listing:

  1. Spice it up! Use a catchy title to draw peoples interest.
  2. Use pictures to make your listing look more appealing.
  3. Get club members to join Meetup and indicate they are coming to the meeting. If only 1 or 2 people are attending an event, it doesn’t look as exciting as when you have 10 or more people coming. Try to make your meeting as appealing as possible.

Make sure that if you change venues you update your listing to reflect the new location. Meetup supports virtual meetings, so you can also indicate an online meeting and share the meeting link that way. But, keep in mind that this is not as secure as giving out the link to people you know.

If you have any questions, reach out to  for help and assistance.

Good luck and happy event planning with!