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District 99 Leadership Team

Contact information supplied for District Leaders below. For general inquiries, use contact@d99tm.org or phone us at 587-882-4461.

2017-18 District Executive

Contact information for the 2017-18 District 99 Executive.
PositionNameEmailPhone Number
District DirectorDon Zurakowski DTM
H: 306 929-4688
C: 306 961-3881
Program Quality DirectorGlenn Walker DTM

pqd@d99tm.orgH: 780 453-3809
C: 780 964-3808
Club Growth DirectorChris Pederson CC, ALB
cgd@d99tm.orgH: 780 452-5266
C: 780 975-0455
Public Relations ManagerVacantprm@d99tm.org
Administration ManagerMyrna Cretney DTMam@d99tm.org
Finance ManagerCheryl Persson ACS, ALBfm@d99tm.org
Logistics ManagerDave Cartledge DTMlm@d99tm.org
Past District Director

District Leadership Committee Chair
Lorraine Wheatley DTM
StatisticianKen Tanner DTMstats@d99tm.org
Chief Ambassador
Marg Faryna DTMchiefambassador@d99tm.org
Division A DirectorDan McCosh DTMdivisiona@d99tm.org
Area 26 DirectorLorraine Yagos ACS, ALBarea26@d99tm.org
Area 27 DirectorAudrey Gall CC, ALB
Area 44 DirectorKarl Vetter ACB, ALB
Area 57 DirectorDotun Eliezer ACG, ALBarea57@d99tm.org
Division B DirectorJoan Petruk DTMdivisionb@d99tm.org
Area 6 DirectorVon Eric Tandoc CC, CLarea6@d99tm.org
Area 9 DirectorMelanie Kruger ACB, ALBarea9@d99tm.org
Area 31 DirectorChristine Fernie ACS, ALBarea31@d99tm.org
Area 51 DirectorTolu Adelowokan ACG, ALB
Area 62 DirectorDoug Thomson DTM
Divsion C DirectorOmar Nef ACB, ALBdivisionc@d99tm.org
Area 1 DirectorIngrid Pederson DTMarea1@d99tm.org
Area 13 DirectorShirley Simpson ACB, ALBarea13@d99tm.org
Area 16 DirectorShawn McCready CC, CLarea16@d99tm.org
Area 25 DirectorMargaret Barton ACB, ALBarea25@d99tm.org
Area 28 DirectorRob James ACG, CLarea28@d99tm.org
Division D DirectorLana Sweeney ACB, ALBdivisiond@d99tm.org
Area 7 DirectorLeta Gagliardi CC, CLarea7@d99tm.org
Area 15 DirectorLeslie Penny ATMS, CLarea15@d99tm.org
Area 29 DirectorXenia Kavoun CC, CLarea29@d99tm.org
Area 30 DirectorSteve O'Brien CC, CLarea30@d99tm.org
Area 55 DirectorTeresa Young DTMarea55@d99tm.org
Area 61 DirectorCrystal Douglas CC, ALBarea61@d99tm.org
Division E DirectorJason Karras CCdivisione@d99tm.org
Area 19 DirectorJudicaël Moukoumi ACB, ALBarea19@d99tm.org
Area 21 DirectorLinda Holmevik ACS, ALBarea21@d99tm.org
Area 40 DirectorDanielle Barrett CC, ALBarea40@d99tm.org
Area 47 DirectorKyle Loeffler CCarea47@d99tm.org
Division F DirectorWillard Robitaille DTMdivisionf@d99tm.org
Area 3 DirectorGloria Bosma ACBarea3@d99tm.org
Area 12 DirectorChristine Hogan CCarea12@d99tm.org
Area 14 DirectorMark Terpstra ACB, CLarea14@d99tm.org
Area 17 DirectorMarie-Laure Polydore ACB, ALBarea17@d99tm.org
Area 22 DirectorFong Chua ACG, ALBarea22@d99tm.org
Area 58 DirectorBlair Knott CCarea58@d99tm.org
Divsion G DirectorOarabile Kgosisejo , DTMdivisiong@d99tm.org
Area 2 DirectorAdrienne Perrot CC, ALBarea2@d99tm.org
Area 4 DirectorYemisi Iyiladearea4@d99tm.org
Area 32 DirectorPenny Nilsen CCarea32@d99tm.org
Area 37 DirectorChaz Osburn ACG, ALBarea37@d99tm.org

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