Conduct Quality Speech Contests

When area and division directors understand process, rules and resources, a speech contest's quality is enhanced.

Area directors oversee area speech contests, and division directors oversee division speech contests. When area and division directors have a good understanding of the contest process, rules, and resources, the contests’ quality is enhanced. The roles that area and division directors play in speech contests vary by district. In this session, area and division directors learn how to find answers about contests using the Speech Contest Rulebook (Item 1171) and discover other resources so that they are equipped to oversee speech contests in their areas and divisions.


Speech Contest Rulebook

Download the latest version of the essential guide to Toastmasters speech contests.

This booklet contains the rules and standard procedures for conducting the International, Evaluation, Humorous, Table Topics,® and Tall Tales speech contests. If you are involved in conducting or competing in a speech contest, please read these rules carefully and follow them. By doing so, you will ensure a fair speech contest and an enjoyable event for everyone.

Speech Contest Rulebook for 2020-2021

Speech Contest FAQ

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Toastmasters' speech contests.