• Day-to-day operations
  • District admin, finance and logistics
  • District committees including nominations and club alignment
  • District recognition
  • District assets, tools and resources for clubs
  • Distinguished club program
  • Club support for Pathways
  • District and club officers training
  • TLI events
  • Club mentoring program
  • Speech contests materials
  • District conference planning
  • Leads for chartering new clubs
  • Demonstration meetings
  • New club sponsors training
  • Club coaching and retention of clubs
  • Club marketing tools and resources
  • Speechcraft and Youth Leadership programs


The Administration Manager is responsible for

  • maintaining the historical records of the District,
  • recording and distributing meeting minutes, and otherwise maintaining accurate, timely records of District business.

The Finance Manager is tasked with:

  • the fiscal oversight and management of the District.
  • working closely with the District Director, Program Quality Director, and Club Growth Director to ensure that the District is making cost-effective decisions—within policy—that result in effective fiscal management.

The Public Relations Manager, is responsible for

  • coordinating publicity efforts in the District.
  • establishing and maintaining lines of communication between the District and its members, as well as between the District and the public,
  • work to increase awareness of Toastmasters through all available media.

Division Director

The Division Director is to lead and support the Division through the supervision and support of the Area Directors. One of your primary goals as Division Director is to ensure that each club achieves its mission and fulfills its responsibilities to its members. To achieve this, you coordinate Division activities, set Division goals, and assist in the training of Area and club leaders.

Area Director

The Area Director serves as the direct liaison between the District and the clubs. The District Administrative Bylaws provide for the selection of Area Directors either by appointment by the District Director or by election by the Area Councils. Toastmasters International recommends that District Directors appoint Area Directors. Area Directors conduct club visits twice a year within their respective areas to understand and support club needs. In turn, these visits help District leaders understand how to support and meet the needs of each club. It is important that Area Directors have the support they need to serve clubs. The success of the District depends on it.