About District 99

District 99 comprises the northern parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan. District 99 came into existence on July 1st, 2016. However the journey began long before that when our former District 42 realized that they had become very large and needed to reform into two districts. The southern half of Alberta and Saskatchewan remained as District 42 and the new district became known as District 99.

As a result of the reformation, we ended up with two districts with approximately half the membership. As can be seen by the map, our district covers a fairly wide geographical area.

With nearly 150 clubs and 2000 members strong, our district is a force within the Toastmasters world. We are part of Region IV which encompasses  District 6 | District 19 | District 24 | District 42 | District 64 | District 78 and our District 99.

Our Vision

Our vision, supported by the District 99 Success Plan emphasizes strengthening clubs through quality programming. Resources supporting the vision are delivered through Division Directors, Area Directors, and our Club Officers. The Directors and Club Officers assist in developing and maintaining quality meetings, membership building, member retention, and starting new clubs.

With the impact of the recent pandemic, the district has been rebuilding to strengthen our number of clubs and members. Over the 2022-23 year, we anticipate the focus of our clubs will be:

  • growing and maintaining their membership levels
  • adjusting to meet the mixed preferences and needs of their members for virtual, in-person and hybrid interactions
  • supporting members with high quality education plans and Pathways participation.

Our strength and future remain in our commitment to building our Toastmaster community including institutions, businesses, and individuals.

If you have questions about our organization, please reach out to us.

You can find our current district leadership team contact information and our portfolio of services on the Contact Us page