District 99 Leadership Team

Contact information supplied for District Leaders below. For general inquiries, email  or phone us at 587-882-4461.

You can also refer to the District’s portfolio of services as a guide to know which District officer to contact for your club needs.

2021-22 District 99 Team

District Team for 2021-2022 Program Year
PositionNameEmailPhone Number
District DirectorDotun Eliezer, DTM

Program Quality DirectorRichard Mattis, DTM
Club Growth DirectorDan McCosh, DTM
Public Relations ManagerRaffy Gimeno, IP3
Administration ManagerCarmen Deehan, PI5, MS1
Finance ManagerDresdin Archibald, DTM
Chief Digital OfficerGlenn Walker DTM
Web MasterGlenn Walker DTM
Communications Manager
Social Media Manager
Immediate Past District Director
Rena Weikle, DTM
District Leadership Committee (DLC) Chair Danie Hardie, DTM, PID
Logistics, Awards & Recognition ManagerFaida Mageza, IP2
StatisticianKen Tanner DTM
Club Officer Training Coordinator
Richard Mattis, DTM
District Guidelines & Best Practices Committee ChairDotun Eliezer, DTM
District 2021-2022 Of-the-Year Awards ChairDotun Eliezer, DTM
District Alignment Committee Chair
Richard Mattis, DTM
District Conference Chair
District Contest Chair
District Contest Chief Judge
District Audit Committee ChairKaren Egge, DTM, PDG
Division A DirectorPenny Gould, LD2
Area A26 DirectorKathy Pors, VC2
Area A44 DirectorCharles Sadd, CC
Area A57 DirectorGreg Laskey, DTM
Division B DirectorCornelius King, DTM
Area B6 DirectorRichard Phaneuf, DTM
Area B9 DirectorMichelle St Louis, IP1
Area B31 DirectorEstella Mah, DTM
Area B51 DirectorRhys Davies, DTM
Area B62 DirectorRichard Phaneuf, DTM
Division C DirectorPeter Helten, DTM
Area C1 DirectorPaul Humphreys, PM1
Area C7 DirectorLarry Walker, EH1
Area C10 DirectorShalini Kashyap, LD2
Area C13 DirectorGiancarlo Palazzo, MS5
Area C25 DirectorEdna Agustin, DTM
Division D DirectorRebecca Cuthbertson Hulst, DTM
Assistant Division D Director, Program QualityMerry Wang, DTM
Assistant Division D Director, Club GrowthAustin Krausert, DL4, PM3
Secretary, Division D Council
Area D15 DirectorTravis Unger, PM3
Area D30 DirectorRoss McLean, DTM
Area D55 DirectorKatherine Acheson, IP1
Area D61 DirectorChris Pederson, DTM
Division E DirectorPenny Nilsen, DTM
Area E2 DirectorMatthew Hillier, TC1
Area E4 DirectorKen Guedo, PI1
Area E19 DirectorBrenda Sandoval, LD4
Area E21 DirectorLynn Howlett, IP2
Area E37 DirectorEdward Miller, ACG, ALB
Area E40 DirectorLaurel Korbo, DTM
Area E47 Director
Division F DirectorLynell Bird, DTM
Area F3 DirectorBenjamin Akomolafe, CC ALB
Area F5 DirectorGultaj Kara, PM4
Area F12 DirectorKristen Harris, IP3
Area F14 DirectorShiraz Kanji, DTM
Area F17 DirectorIsa Dzhabrailov, DL1
Area F22 DirectorGregory Servoid, TC1
Area F58 Director & Asst Division DirectorChinwe Okelu, DTM

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