District 99 Leadership Team

Contact information supplied for District Leaders below. For general inquiries, email  or phone us at 587-882-4461.

You can also refer to the District’s portfolio of services as a guide to know which District officer to contact for your club needs.

PositionNameEmailPhone Number
District DirectorLana Sweeney DTM

Program Quality DirectorRena Weikle DTM
Club Growth DirectorDotun Eliezer DTM
Public Relations ManagerAbraham Abu, CC
Administration ManagerCrystal Douglas, DTM
Finance ManagerEstella Mah ACS, ALB
Web StrategistGlenn Walker DTM
Web MasterGlenn Walker DTM
Communications Manager
Social Media ManagerRhys Davies DTM
Immediate Past District Director / Credentials / Nominations Committee
Glenn Walker DTM
Logistics ManagerTeresa Young DTM
StatisticianKen Tanner DTM
Awards & RecognitionLeta Gagliardi, CC ALB
East Region Coordinator Education and Development Team
West Region Coordinator Education and Development Team
District Guidelines & Best Practices Committee Chair
District Alignment Committee Chair
Glenn Walker, DTM
District Contest Chair
Jason Karras, ACB ALB
District Contest Chief Judge
Carol Loewen, DTM
District Audit ChairDresdin Archibald, ACG ALB
Division A DirectorMark Terpstra,ACS, ALB
Area 26 DirectorJoseph Khoury, ACS, ALB
Area 27 DirectorKathy Archer, ACB, ALB
Area 44 DirectorBarry Nobert
Area 57 DirectorCameron Fehr, CC, CL, DL5
Division B DirectorRichard Mattis, DTM
Area B6 DirectorJoan Petruk, DTM
Area B9 DirectorKirsten Ireland, ACS, ALB
Area B31 DirectorStella Li, VC1, CL
Area B51 DirectorBonnie Walton, ACB
Area B62 DirectorBen Arthur, EC2
Divsion C DirectorCheryl Persson, DTM
Area C1 DirectorErin Finucane, CC, ALB
Area C10 DirectorRick Lebeuf, DTM
Area C13 & C16 DirectorMark Read, ACB, ALB
Area C25 DirectorEdna Agustin, ACS, ALB
Division D DirectorAngelika T. Lukasevics ACG, ALB
Area D7 DirectorRavi Padarath, ACB, ALB
Area D15 DirectorIda Edwards, ACG, ALB
Area D29 DirectorHarriet Tinka, ACB ALB
Area D30 DirectorMichael Oness, ACS, ALB
Area D55 DirectorBob Chalborn, CC, CL
Area D61 DirectorAmith Jagota
Division E DirectorBenjamin Acquaye
Area E19 DirectorCassandra Meszaros, DL2
Area E21 DirectorCarolyn Jabusch, ACS, ALB
Area E40 Director
Area E47 Director
Division F DirectorAlexandra Niemi, ACB, ALB
Division F AssistantDan McCosh, DTM
Area F3 DirectorLarry Walker, ACB, CL
Area F5 DirectorRobert Magai, ACS
Area F12 DirectorTauras Pawluk, ACB
Area F14 DirectorMalcolm Connell
Area F17 DirectorJune Miller, CC, CL
Area F22 DirectorChinwe Okelu, DTM
Area F58 Director
Division G DirectorOarabile Kgosisejo, DTM
Area G2 DirectorBrenda Sandoval
Area G4 DirectorCyril Roy
Area G32 DirectorTonny Dithobane, ACB, SR2
Area G37 DirectorArian Andkhoie, CC

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