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Call for Education Session Speakers – D99 Conference 2024

Are you a dynamic speaker with a message?  Do you have a passion for education?

You are invited to share your expertise at the D99 Conference as an education session presenter.

Building around the general conference theme of “California Dreaming”, and a tagline of “Together Towards Tomorrow”, there will be three streams of educational sessions on themes of:

  • Club Excellence
  • Speaking Excellence
  • Leadership Excellence

These educational sessions will be presented on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday April 21, 2024.  We anticipate there to be three concurrent education sessions at a time, with one presenter on each of these three general themes, with Nine education sessions in total

Conference audiences look for value from hands-on sessions, audience interaction, question & answer opportunities, and information specific sessions.  These allow your audience to leave each session with a sense of having learned something new, contributing to a change in their lives, their clubs and their Toastmasters experience.  We look forward to audiences feeling energized, informed and motivated from their attendance and participation in these education sessions

Guidelines for submitting a presentation proposal

Submission deadline:

Submission deadline is February 15, 2024.

Educational Session Title, Description and Learning Objectives:

  • Please consider your session title carefully.  The title is the key identifier of the session and attendees will expect the title to reflect the primary focus of the session.
  • Educational session descriptions are to be clear, concise and free of jargon so they are understandable to everyone.
  • Learning objectives should refer to one or more of the central educational themes.  If a portion of the session will be interactive, please describe.
  • Your submission will be reviewed by the Conference Educational Committee so it is important that it is well-written.

Submission Instructions:

Additional information


Handouts will be posted on the District 99 website following the Conference.  If you prefer to have a handout at the session, you will be responsible for bringing copies.  You will be asked to supply an electronic copy of your handout prior to the conference


Evaluation feedback is extremely useful for presenters and event organizers.  At the end of your session, the audience will be asked to complete the evaluation form.  Completed evaluations will be provided to you


Education sessions are anticipated to be 45 minutes long.   You will have the assistance of a Presentation Session Toastmaster (who will introduce you and provide closing remarks at the end of your session) and a Sergeant-at-Arms who will welcome attendees and ensure there is seating for everyone.

Speaker Fees

Our presenters share their expertise without expectation of payment

For more information contact  Ken Tanner (Conference Education chair) by email at    

We look forward to working with you with a view to making your presentation effective and relevant for your audience

Hotel Information

Delta Hotels Edmonton South Conference Centre

4404 Gateway Boulevard NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6H 5C2

Tel: +1 780-434-6415

Block Name: “Toastmasters Conference” (Code: TMC)

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Get Involved!

Volunteers give freely of their time and expertise in order to make a difference.
Why Volunteer? Benefits!

  • Meet new people
  • Make important networking connections
  • Learn or develop new skills
  • Build self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Make a difference in another Toastmaster’s life
  • To express gratitude for help you may have received in the past from other Toastmasters
  • Be a part of a team
  • Create lifetime memories
  • Use lessons learned at Toastmaster meetings

Can you volunteer for more than one duty? Definitely!!

You may volunteer for as many duties as fit your schedule. That includes pre-conference committee work and what you have time for during the conference.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Bob Challborn, by email: 

Volunteer Opportunities

Meal Greeters

  • Meal Greeter activities are under the direction of the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Put out the programs for each meal.
  • Check name badges at the door to see who has paid for all meals and who needs a special ticket for a particular meal. No badge – no ticket………no meal!
  • Be friendly and smiling.
  • Help latecomers find a seat.
  • Control doors during speeches and keynotes.
  • Keep hallway noise to a minimum.
  • Find time to eat!

Contest Greeters

  • Contest Greeter activities are under the direction of the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Check name badges at the door to see who has paid for the contest
  • Unpaid attendees should be directed to the Registration Desk.
  • Be friendly and smiling.
  • Help people find a seat.
  • Keep hallway noise to a minimum.

Registration Table/General Hosts

  • Registration Table activities are under the direction of the Registration Coordinator
  • Hand out packages
  • Answer questions
  • Relay messages
  • Know where to find someone who might know the answer
  • Just like a host in your own home
  • Say hello, shake hands
  • Answer questions
  • Give extra assistance to those who need it

Host/Hostess at each table at each meal

  • Works with the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Be the official “Conference” host at the table
  • Make introductions
  • Keep the conversation going. (Not hard with Toastmasters.)
  • Answer questions


  • Works with the Hospitality Coordinator
  • Helps the committee coordinator put up the planned decorations.
  • Better yet – be on the committee to help plan and make the decorations.

Sergeant of Arms for each Educational session

  • Be sure session starts on time
  • Distribute handouts and evaluation forms
  • Introduce Toastmaster
  • Enough seating for everyone – or limit number who try to enter room
  • Announcements if needed to end session
  • Collect evaluation forms
  • Leave room in condition for next event

Toastmaster for each Educational session

  • Assist the SAA in getting the session going
  • Double check with the speaker that they have all the equipment, supplies needed
  • Introduce the speaker
  • Thank the speaker and present gift

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