District 99 is once again hosting role-focused Club Officer Training (COT) sessions for peers to connect and learn together in Round One COT.
Please mark your calendars and spread this news to your TM friends – training is starting in June to hit the ground running in your new roles on July 1st.
This is the training PQD-Elect Von Eric Tandoc and I have planned so far (at 7 to 9 PM MDT):
  • President – June 18
  • VP Education – June 13
  • VP Membership – June 17
  • VP Public Relations – June 26
  • Secretary – June 19
  • Treasurer – June 14
  • Sergeant-At-Arms – June 27
Note: District 99 will also be providing dates for additional sessions in July and August for members who hold multiple Club Officer Roles.
Let’s start strong, plan for success, and make it happen!