Artificial Intelligence is the buzz word of the day. Depending on who you listen to it is either no big deal or it is dangerous tech that we have to watch very carefully. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Artificial Intelligence (AI for short) is promising to provide a helping hand to people in numerous ways. The technology is in its early stages but you will see AI introduced to many products we know and love.

Toastmasters is no different. You will notice a new service called Yoodli. Yoodli is a free communication coach that provides personalized feedback on your speaking skills without the pressure of an audience. It is an AI-enabled platform that helps people improve their communication skills in a judgment-free environment. Yoodli provides users with real-time feedback on their filler words, body language, and more to help them ace their upcoming speech, interview, or presentation. Toastmasters International has partnered with Yoodli to enhance your Toastmasters experience by giving you immediate analytical feedback on your practice speeches. You can also hone your table topics skills and play fun communication-related games on the platform. The name Yoodli is a play on the word “yodel,” which is a type of voice exercise. Professional actors and singers yodel all the time to keep their muscles warm and open out their lungs.

Other tools can help you with tasks such as generating ideas and other artifacts. Chat GPT is a popular tool that has been in the news. Interestingly, you can use it to help you out when it comes to meetings. Try asking ChatGPT to give you some ideas for table topics based on the theme of your meeting. You might be surprised. I have done it and typically gotten 8 to 10 really good suggestions. You could also try asking for jokes. However, I have been booed a few times for the jokes it produced. Other tools like Bing Chat offer similar features.

Give them a try, you might be surprised. But keep in mind the limitations:

  • AI chatbots will do their best to answer questions. But, if they don’t know they might hallucinate which refers to making up an answer that sounds good, but is in fact not based in fact.
  • Public chatbots may result in information leakage. Don’t ever put confidential information into the prompt for a chat bot. That information could become part of the model and available to others.

Have fun! Be careful! Learn to use the tools to accelerate tasks. And, watch for the introduction of AI tools to various software packages you use.

Check out some of the popular AI tools available on the Internet: